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Introductory Meeting (complimentary) 1 Hour

The first meeting is to learn about the student’s academic and extracurricular record, personal interests and long-term goals. This is also when the student and his/her family learn about me and how I will work with them through the college admissions process.

At the conclusion of the meeting, we decide whether the student and I are a good fit for each other and the family can decide whether to work with me going forward.

These are rates for domestic students.International student packages determined on a case-by-case basis.

8th through 10th Grade Consulting Sessions ($200/hour)

During this time I meet with the student usually once a semester to review academic goals and devise recovery strategies if there is a hiccup such as a low grade or a discipline issue. I also make recommendations on which potential classes would make for the strongest student profile.The student and also discuss possible weaknesses in the student’s profile, such as lack of extracurricular activities, or not having meaningful community service, and what can be done to highlight the student's strengths on the application.

 We also discuss school visits and interview questions. If the student is planning to play sports in college, we develop strategies around contacting coaches, identifying summer ID camps and assembling showcase videos and a sports resume. 

At the end of sophomore year we develop standardized testing strategies, including recommendations for test prep and a testing schedule.

Second semester 11th grade through end of senior year. (Admission Package $7,500)

This is when the work begins in earnest. The package includes the final college list, essay development, maximizing the entire application, and managing deadlines. A student applying to the UC’s and several other schools can easily end up writing 10 or more essays. We also strategize on early decision and early action applications. 

For local students, meetings are held face to face during the summer and then either in face to face meetings, or through video conferencing, texting and emailing as the situation dictates. I meet with remote students on video conferencing and this has proven to be quite successful. 

We discuss financial aid strategies.If the family requires detailed financial aid consulting, I refer them to a financial aid specialist. 

The final step comes after the acceptances have arrived and the student, their family and I help the student reach a final decision. My role is to help the student review the pros and cons and to listen to his/her inner voice, not to make a specific recommendation. It is not unusual for the student to surprise everyone with his/her final decision!



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